The Diocese of North Queensland

In 2021, after much consultation, the Diocese of North Queensland Synod set out a new structure to give greater autonomy to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ministries in North Queensland.

Two new autonomous councils have been created: the Meriba Maygi Zageth Anglican Council for Torres Strait Islander ministry, and the North Queensland Aboriginal Anglican Ministry Council.

The councils will have responsibility for local ministry and mission including the development of liturgies, translation of the Bible, hymns, liturgies and other devotional material, authority on matters of local custom and culture, authority on local variations to the lectionary, and to set aside days in recognition of local saints.

Most of the congregations in the Diocese of North Queensland rely on non-stipendiary ministry. The new ministry councils provide a structure for the aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglicans to be expressed. However, the Diocese faces severe financial challenges and has called upon the national church to do more to enable ministry and mission in the Torres Strait Islands and the Cape York Peninsula.

This project helps to support a part-time Ministry Development Officer for the Cape York Peninsula and other priority Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mission in the Diocese of North Queensland.

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