Our Staff

Executive Director of ABM and AID

The Rev’d Dr John Deane


Executive Assistant: Karen Schroder*
Receptionist and Office Assistant: Denise Geddes*
Governance Support Officer: Sophie Lin*
Archivist: Bronwyn Wood*


Chief Financial Officer: Ivy Wang
Finance Officer: Merlina Nixon
Senior Finance Officer: Wilnor Flores*

Marketing, Communications, Key Relationships and Fundraising

Marketing and Communications Manager: Michael Begaud
Project Marketing and Media Coordinator: Dr Julianne Stewart*
Key Relationships Manager: Meagan Schwarz*
Key Relationships and Partnerships Coordinator: Robert McLean
Database and Analytics Supervisor: Robert Peck*


Gifts in Wills Officer The Rev’d Dr Ivan Head*

Sustainable Communities Program (AID)

Head of Programs: Lina Magallanes
Program Manager – Policy and Compliance: Dr Julianne Stewart*
Program Manager – Effectiveness and Humanitarian Response: Dr Terry Russell
Program Manager – Community Development: Kate Winney*
Programs Finance Coordinator: Simolyn Delgado
Programs Officer: Wilnor Flores*

Church to Church Program (ABM)

Church to Church Officer: Wilnor Flores*

Reconciliation, Advocacy and Education

Reconciliation Missioner: Brad Chapman*
Education Missioner: The Rev’d Canon Stephen Daughtry*
Reconciliation Officer: Wilnor Flores*
Truth-telling Advisor: Larissa Minniecon*

*Working part-time