Church to Church
ABM’s Church to Church projects support local churches as they respond to the call of love, hope and justice in their own context.
Within Australia ABM is partnering with Dioceses to strengthen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ministry and supporting initiatives that give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people greater autonomy in mission.

ABM’s Church to Church Program also works together with overseas partners to strengthen church institutions through quality theological formation and training.

Church to Church Projects

Encounter Program

ABM’s Encounter Program is designed for selected lay or clergy members of partner churches to come and see what Anglican life is like here in Australia...

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© Church of the Province of Myanmar.

“The Coming of the Light”

The 150th Anniversary of the Coming of the Light is important; it is really only the start of a new phase for the Anglican Church in the Torres Strait...

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The Coming of the Light project


Reconciliation is an important manifestation of mission. ABM seeks to build platforms for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglicans to speak...

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Reconciliation project ©ABM/Jazz Dow


NATSIAC’s vision is to be the primary voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglicans, promoting Gospel mission, encouraging ministry...

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NATSIAC project