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Anglicans in Development is committed to working with its community development partners and their local communities to assist them to become champions and examples of positive change that can inspire others. Each year we review our impacts in two or three key sectors, aiming to align them as much as possible with the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets.

We also commission an evaluation at the end of a project phase, assessing such aspects as how well it achieved what it intended to do, whether the results are likely to be sustained beyond the life of the project, and much more.

On this page you can also read stories about key development issues such as localisation, gender equity, social inclusion, environmental sustainability and climate change.

Kenyan Project Evaluation 2022

Read a summary of the recent evaluation of our Kenyan Livelihoods Improvement Project. Although affirming that all the objectives had been met, the evaluator recommended one further year of working with the same communities to increase the likelihood of the results being sustainable in the longer term.

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Mercy with her chickens obtained through a successful proposal to a Kenyan government grant after training in resource mobilisation by AID’s partner, ADSE. © ADSE. Used with permission.

Vanuatu Program Evaluation 2021

Hellen was a 36-year-old marketplace vendor. Inspired to help others, she attended a course in Luganville about how to teach literacy and numeracy. She returned to her community...

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Why we do Program Evaluations

The clearest reason is because evaluations provide AID and our partners with a detailed analysis of what has succeeded and what hasn’t succeeded in the program. Evaluations can also...

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Why we do Program Evaluations © is ZACOP

International Mother Earth Day 2021

Floods across much of eastern Australia in 2021. Bushfires raging across Australia in the summer of 2019-2020. Fish die-offs across a 40km stretch of the lower Darling River in the summer...

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