Piglets bring a smile to displaced Myanmar family

Sep 6, 2023

As political and economic turmoil has engulfed Myanmar in the past two years, many rural people have been displaced. U Kan Tun was one of these. He and his family of five migrated to Yangon, where he struggled to find work. “I was so depressed,” he explains.

In October 2022, he was able to access a cash grant through the Recovery Program AID’s Anglican church partner, CPM, in Toungou and Yangon. Through the program, U Kan Tun also attended a workshop on pig-raising. He subsequently used the grant to purchase two female pigs and materials to construct a pig enclosure.

U Kan Tun recalls, “At the beginning, one pig had hoof disease and had to be treated. Although it was a little uncomfortable at first, in January this year, one pig gave birth to eight piglets. I was able to sell them after 34 days and made a profit of 10 lakh kyats (about $500).”

In August 2023, another pig gave birth to 11 piglets, nine of which survived. U Kan Tun smiled, “I feel very happy when I have a job and see a profit. I can already think about the future.”

CPM’s Recovery Program, with support from AID, provided cash assistance to 77 vulnerable families and provided workshops on pig-raising, gender awareness and disaster risk management.

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