Anglican Alliance Lenten visit to Jerusalem

Apr 9, 2024

Just before Holy Week this year, the Anglican Alliance Executive Director, the Rev’d Rachel Carnegie, was in Jerusalem to stand in solidarity with the Diocese of Jerusalem, and to learn more about their response to the humanitarian crisis created by the current war in Gaza, a conflict which also has ramifications in Jerusalem and the West Bank of Palestine. ABM AID supporters are contributing to this work through the Anglican Alliance Appeal.

Rachel writes: “Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza City continues remarkably to offer services to the sick and injured, currently with 150 inpatients, managing 22 surgical operations and 250-300 outpatient consultations each day. The library and chapel have also been converted to accommodate patients.”

During the visit, Rachel also learned about the Diocese’s Princess Basma Centre in Jerusalem which offers comprehensive rehabilitation and counselling services for children with disabilities and their families. When the war began, the Centre was on the verge of opening an outreach programme in partnership with the Church’s Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza. This vision remains for the future, and even now some of the initial staff trained in Gaza are starting to assess and support children with disabilities, including injuries and amputations due to the war.

You can read more about Rachel’s visit to Jerusalem here, including a link to Archbishop Hosam’s recording on Palm Sunday in which he expresses appreciation for all those who have supported this Diocese of Jerusalem appeal.