Latest news from Newton Theological College in Papua New Guinea

May 16, 2023

Newton Theological College Project Update May 2023

ABM has recently received a report from Acting Principal of Newton College, Bishop Jeffrey Driver, with an update on how things are going at the College.

There is now a full complement of lecturers, so that the students are in good hands. Fr Luscomb Bera returned to the College after completing his Bachelor of Theology and the Catholic Institute in Port Moresby. And Fr Newton Ekoda, whom many ABM supporters will remember as a youth minister, has also joined the College from the Christian Leaders Training College at Mt Hagen.

Currently there are 21 students – 14 final year students and seven students in their first year. These seven (pictured) are already ordained and will complete one year of studies to obtain a Diploma of Ministry.

The long journey to government registration and accreditation continues. As well as working hard to repair buildings and operational infrastructure, the College is in conversation with the Northern Provincial government regarding possible co-location of nursing and teaching colleges on the Newton site. Such a move would make for a much larger and more viable institution which could involve sharing a library, information technology and administration.

The long slow job of building renovation also continues. This year a portable sa mill was purchased by the College, enabling the milling of some of the on-site trees to be used in building. Using material available on-site will significantly reduce the cost of the building renovations. Four carpenters are currently employed for this purpose.

We thank all our supporters who have given so generously over the years to this project, and those who continue to give. Your donations fund vital infrastructure and operating costs, including staff salaries.

Please continue to support Newton College, its staff, and students in your prayers as it meets its many challenges in faith, hope and hard work.


Project Prayer

Almighty God, you have entrusted to your Church a share in the ministry of your Son, our great high priest.
We give you thanks that your Spirit has inspired the hearts of many to offer themselves for the ministry of your Church. We thank you especially for the ordinands at Newton Theological College in Papua New Guinea.
Filled with your grace, may they be bold as they work for the increase of your kingdom. Like your Son, may they draw many people to you. May all those who come to them for help discover your mercy and kindness in their time of need.
This we ask in Jesus’ Name.