New partner update on Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza

Dec 4, 2023


As the week-long ceasefire has ended and bombardment of Gaza resumes, we pray urgently for all people in Gaza, especially those who have lost loved ones, the wounded, and the traumatised, especially the children.

After about two weeks where the medical staff could only perform first aid, because out of surgical supplies, Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza is again open to serve the wounded in Gaza City.

During the ceasefire, deliveries of fuel, anaesthesia, ICU supplies, emergency drugs and IV fluids were made to the hospital, supervised by the WHO.

The hospital is the only one functioning in northern Gaza, and a huge overflow of patients is being held in the hospital’s St Philip’s Chapel. Most patients need more advance care and surgical intervention.

Doctors and nurses have responded to Al-Ahli’s calls for help, but they still need more vascular, neuro- and orthopaedic surgeons, and more drugs and medical supplies.

The Diocese and Al-Ahli are working with the United Nations, WHO and Red Cross/Red Crescent to address urgent needs.

As we continue to pray for the situation in Gaza, the Diocese of Jerusalem has asked also for prayers for those in East Jerusalem affected by soaring unemployment, food shortages and neighbourhood attacks as some settlers try to push out Palestinians from their homes.

To assist with our prayers, Archbishop Hosam has made available a set of Advent Reflections for “our beloved partners in the Gospel of Jesus Christ”.  We encourage you to engage with these reflections during Advent.

To learn more, or to donate to the Gaza Emergency Appeal, please go to