Türkiye-Syria Earthquake – How the Middle East Council of Churches is responding in Syria

Feb 23, 2023


AID is currently raising funds for the massive earthquake that hit south-eastern Türkiye and northern Syria two weeks ago which has so far tragically killed more than 47,000 people. Funds raised will go to the Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance, whose members include the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC). MECC has been sending out regular updates on their emergency response in an around Aleppo in northern Syria. The area has since been hit by further earthquakes, killing more people and destroying more homes.

MECC reports:

“After experiencing 11 years of devastating war, Covid-19 and cholera epidemics, local communities and civil organizations in northern Syria, especially those in the areas close to the affected governorates are providing assistance and donations and mobilize their human resources to help collect basic needs such as clothes, blankets, shoes and materials, food, nappies and medicines and sending it to the affected areas in Latiakia, Jableh and Hama.

“Church halls, church schools and other centres have been opened to survivors in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.

“J., one of the survivors, who is staying with his wife and children in Al-Ma’ari School shelter, Sulaymaniyah neighbourhood, says:

“’On the 6th of February, we woke up to a very powerful earthquake; we rushed to the street in our pyjamas, and the first place we took refuge in was the public garden, then we came to the shelter. Amidst the tragedy we live due to the war, the earthquake was a fatal blow… I am a worker and I only get paid for the days I work. Since the earthquake struck, I have not been able to work. So, I really appreciate what MECC provided me with: the food basket includes nutritious and needed food materials for my children; and the health kit is also useful and includes the needed soap, shampoo, and sanitizers, as a big number of families reside in this unequipped shelter’.”

At least 1000 Anglicans are among those who sought shelter.

Please give generously to this appeal and continue to pray for survivors and those working to assist in so many ways.

You may wish to watch two videos made by the Middle Eastern Council of Churches They show survivors talking to the camera about their experiences of the earthquake and their hopes.



Some of MECC’s specific targets:

  • 3,000 food kits are distributed so that people can meet their basic food needs
  • 410 people receive medications as needed
  • 3,000 hygiene kits are distributed for COVID-19 and Cholera prevention, and community awareness on preventive measures provided
  • 200 people receive cash for work

You can learn more or donate to the appeal here.