Deep Calls to Deep

ABM offers a valuable spiritual resource for Easter Season.

Celia Kemp leads us through the deep waters of fear, anxiety and death and into an abiding sense of shalom – peace.

With scripture, images, quotes and the wisdom of ages, Deep Calls to Deep is designed to be used from Holy Week to Ascension but can be started anytime. 46 days of journey that refuses to pretend all is well, while still believing that all will be well.

In times like these we are offered the opportunity to explore the ‘inside’, burrow into our souls and discover the hidden realms of the heart, and study how much bigger it is than we expected. For fans of Dr Who, Deep Calls to Deep is a veritable ‘Tardis’ of spiritual growth!

Step inside, rediscover the contemplative Spirit and let the waves of God’s action carry you to new depths and new revelation.

Share with your friends and take the Deep Calls to Deep path together, apart.

Does the Spirit of God move over the face of the turbulent waters of our age? The Hebrew word for “move” here is merahepeth, which means to “brood” as a bird broods over its nest until finally new life begins to stir beneath the sheltering wings. Is new life stirring in this death-ridden world? Is light about to be created out of our darkness? This is the only question that matters.
Frederick Buechner

The Magnificent Defeat

There is nothing pretty about Christian hope. Whatever Christian hope is, it begins in terror and utter disorientation in the face of the collapse of all that is familiar and well known.
James Alison