Clean Water and Literacy (WASH)

Support the establishment of health and hygiene practices through access to clean water, education, and facilities for people in remote parts of Vanuatu.

“It is not that people do not understand the importance of hygiene practices. They do understand the importance of both health and hygiene, but it is a matter of people not realizing their potential to utilize their existing resources and create their own ways of improvement.

“The common challenge faced by communities is their access to water. People are expecting the government to provide for them but do not realize they have the existing resources to build own water facilities,” ACOM Vanuatu 2023.

The above statement by AID’s Vanuatu partner hits the nail on the head when it comes to why ACOM (the Anglican Church of Melanesia) works in remote villages promoting access to clean water, health, and hygiene, and how they do it.

Last year, ACOM worked with seven such villages, where WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Volunteers provided information to community members about basic health and hygiene practices and gave demonstrations on how to build sanitary latrines. This resulted in 13 latrines being built at community centres and churches. Additionally, materials for constructing latrines for people living with disabilities were provided to the communities, who will then construct the latrines according to recognised standards.

ACOM also works to build good relationships with different levels of government to improve the provision of infrastructure in the remote areas. One outcome of this relationship-building is that ACOM can access trainers and WASH installation designs from the health department and water department. Another outcome is that remote communities know they can make reports to the Area Councils about the state of water infrastructure in their locations, and the Area Councils can plan the provision of things communities need, such as assistance with repairing and extending existing water systems.

Alongside its work in supporting remote communities to improve access to clean water, improved sanitation, and better hygiene, ACOM also trains volunteer literacy teachers in those same communities, also providing refresher training. Across Sanma province, 15 classes have begun, serving 43 men (including 26 with a disability), 143 women (including 8 with a disability), 12 boys and 10 girls (two of whom have a disability). This year, ACOM plans to open new literacy classes in Torba and Penama provinces too.

In the future, ACOM is also hoping to train women and men to become health and hygiene advocates in the communities where they work.

A donation to this project ensures you are part of this vital work carried out by the local church in Vanuatu’s remote communities.

We have committed to contribute $1 for every $5 we receive from the Australian Government. This means that every donation you make to this project will be combined with funding from the Australian Government to reach more people. Your donation will allow us to extend this program.

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Project Prayer

You were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.
– 1 Corinthians 6.11b

Thank you, God of all the earth,
for giving Anglicans in Development
and donors around Australia
the opportunity to collaborate with the
Anglican Church of Melanesia and local communities in the
Integrated Water, Sanitation and Hygiene project
in Vanuatu.

Help us to demonstrate Christ’s love
to communities in Vanuatu by our support for the provision
of clean water and clean toilets,
things we usually take for granted.

By your grace,
help the establishment of the four new literacy classes to come about
and send your Spirit to accompany all those who
learn about literacy and numeracy.
Pour down your blessing on those who
commit themselves to finding out more about
disaster risk reduction and climate change,
as well as disability inclusion and gender equality in 2023.


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