Sri Lanka

Education and Livelihoods Support

Support the provision of educational and nutritional aid for children, and health care and social connection throughout communities in the north of Sri Lanka.

“Thank you all for this gift to me and my brother today. It is very valuable for us to receive this set of books for learning in such difficult economic times. Thank you… Dineth and

“Thank you for your grant for the purchase of medicines and work of the Mission. It is very timely, as we faced a financial crisis situation. The current economic crisis has badly affected our mission. Price of drugs is very expensive Rs. 24,949 (about $120) for about 500 persons to receive treatment per month. They look up to the service provided by the Mission because of the availability of medicines and the nominal charges for consultations and drugs…Rev’d Sunil”

These are some of the responses from people who were supported through AID’s funding to the Diocese of Colombo in the Church of Ceylon during 2023. The year saw a continuation of the terrible financial crisis that has beset this island country to Australia’s north-west. For this reason, the focus was on emergency nutritional support for children attending the Diocese’s Oppuravillam Centre’s Pre-School and other church centres, as well as stationery, books, school bags, shoes etc for school children, and food packs and medicines for families most in need.

The Diocese has long had an extensive social outreach program, mainly in the country’s north, and to the tea plantation workers and their families, to which AID is providing ongoing support. The program is also supported by the Diocese itself and by donations of time from people in the local parishes.

In 2024 the Diocese of Colombo aims to use AID’s support to contribute to longer-term community strengthening, in the form of:

  • Educational support for disadvantaged children
  • Health care, sanitation, and medical assistance
  • Strengthening of the ministry of Oppuravillam*, especially to women and children, which is a major focus for the Diocese.

A small part of the budget will continue to be set aside for emergency food relief. Please consider giving to this project.

*Oppuravillam is a Centre operated by the Diocese of Colombo in the north of Sri Lanka, focussed on peace-building, which provides opportunities for disaffected neighbours to come to have dialogue, and for traumatised people and those experiencing disadvantage to receive the support they need, including education for disadvantaged children.

Project Prayer

The Lord satisfies the thirsty, and the hungry he fills with good things.
– Psalm 107.9

Taking on human flesh,
you became one with us
Jesus, son of Mary, Son of God.

Help us to see your face
in the women and children
of the Church of Ceylon’s Diocese of Colombo.

May our collaboration support those women and children
who are suffering heavily because of the global economic crisis.
May they be graced by your guidance and blessing.

Move the hearts of Australian Anglicans
to help Sri Lankan pre-school teachers get to school,
to supplement children’s food intake,
and to help families struggling to survive.

This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Emmanuel.

In 2024 we hope to raise for this project:


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