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Support Nungalinya College in the Northern Territory to deliver their Foundation Studies courses to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, as they prepare to lead their churches and communities.

Nungalinya College was established in Darwin in 1973 to equip Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for leadership roles in churches and communities. It offers training programs that explore Christian faith contextually through courses in Foundation Studies, Bible Overview, Media, Music and Discipleship, Christian Ministry and Theology, and Bible Translation.

In 2023, Nungalinya celebrated its Jubilee. The Jubilee celebration was a time to reflect on the ‘year of the Lord’s favour’ and Jesus’ ministry to bring sight for the blind, good news for the poor, freedom for the oppressed! The holistic nature of the gospel and resonates strongly with Aboriginal Christians. The college has produced a feature length documentary called “Jubilee: the Nungalinya Story” which gives a thematic history of the College through this central idea of freedom, whilst highlighting recent initiatives.

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At a practical level, support is desperately needed for the College’s Foundation Studies courses. last year (2023) around 315 students attended Nungalinya, with around 190 of them in one of the three Foundation classes. In essence, these are literacy and numeracy courses, but taught through big themes and stories of the Scriptures. In 2024, the focus will turn to the Hebrew Scriptures – through characters such as Abraham, Joseph, and Moses. These are very significant stories and most Indigenous Languages do not have the Old Testament translated yet, so people are hungry to learn! Foundation Studies is also important as the pathway into the formal ministry & theology courses at Nungalinya.

Please pray for the students and staff of Nungaliya College as God continues to empower Christ’s church for acts of love, hope and justice in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Sadly, the Northern Territory government no longer provides funds for the Foundation Studies courses so ongoing support is vital to sustain this ministry.

Project Prayer

No one can lay any foundation other than the one that has been laid; that foundation is Jesus Christ.
– 1 Corinthians 3.11

We give you thanks and praise,
Creator of all,
for the work of Nungalinya College this year
grounding the students in their studies of your Son Jesus Christ
and in their studies of the New Testament
through the three foundations courses that are taught.

May your Spirit prepare all who study and learn
to go back to their communities
and serve in Christ’s name.

We praise you, too,
for the work and learning in the Art and Faith course,
the Faith and Wellbeing course, and the
First Languages Literacy course.

Bless Ben van Gelderen, the college Principal,
and the staff and students at Nungalinya,
and the many remote and rural communities
that the college works with.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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