NATSIAC’s vision is to be the primary voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglicans, promoting Gospel mission, encouraging ministry, and generating resources so that they may walk together with God and the wider church.

NATSIAC (The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council) is an official body of the Anglican Church of Australia with representatives from across the national church working together on issues that are important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglicans.

NATSIAC members are immersed in Indigenous ministry. From their own experience and accumulated wisdom, they guide the wider church on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander matters.

Although postponed in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19, the annual NATSIAC Gathering is an important coming together of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders from across the Australian church. The Gathering is a place of mutual support, refreshment, collective discernment, and a prophetic wellspring that enriches our understanding of how God is at work in this land.

Funds received for this project are passed on to NATSIAC to assist in the accomplishment of their vision.

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As noted, this is NOT a tax-deductible project.
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