ABM’s Lenten study, ‘The Imaginary Doorway’, reaches the UK!

May 3, 2023

During Lent this year, groups gathered weekly in churches, living rooms and on Zoom across Australia to read and discuss ABM’s latest Lenten Study, The Imaginary Doorway.

And a Methodist Church in the United Kingdom also sent us feedback on how they used the ABM study, setting up their own imaginary doorway in their worship space to help people engage with the study.

The Methodist Church in Weston, UK wrote: We have been using the [Imaginary Doorway] materials in church on a Sunday as a basis for our worship and then held a follow up fellowship later in the week. We have found the materials amazing – the reflections have opened up spaces for groups to talk about situations in their lives that they have not been able to share before. It has been challenging, but in a very positive way. We have had people available to talk and pray with any for whom the issues raised were difficult, but the overwhelming response has been positive. Thank you so much for sharing these resources with us.

Meanwhile, in South Australia, the Parish of Western Fleurieu in the Diocese of the Murray wrote: I had hoped this would offer something a bit different for everyone and I wasn’t disappointed. Everyone commented on how these studies were so well done, and that we had never experienced such a creative reimagining of Bible stories we have all heard many times. The narratives were so moving (and many tears were shed) but the depth and multi-dimensional perspective of these studies added to the quality of our discussion. We had some excellent and thought-provoking chats about what it means to be a fully inclusive church in the safe and friendly space of our study group, and I hope people were able to think a little more deeply about the issues raised by these studies.

We all enjoyed the quality of the booklet itself, accompanied by the beautiful artwork and illustrations. It was really very well done, and one of the most enjoyable studies I have ever led. Keep up the excellent work!

Finally, an Australian Anglican priest wrote: We have just completed The Imaginary Doorway, and it was so great to learn more about the type of work ABM does, as well as feel challenged to care for and include people who need the Gospel enacted in their lives, in practical and loving ways.

ABM is delighted that so many from far and wide had the opportunity to read our 2023 Lenten Study and engage so deeply with its contents.

The Imaginary Doorway is still available in PDF format here, and can be studied by individuals or groups at any time of the year.