ABM supporters greatly encouraged by what God is doing…

Mar 26, 2024

ABM Supporters greatly encouraged by what God is doing

ABM supporters gathered online to hear from the Rev’d Auntie Di Langham and ABM’s Truth-telling Advisor, Larissa Minniecon, about the work that will be supported by the 2024 ABM Easter Gift.

The Rev’d Aunty Gloria Shipp had hoped to join us but she was unable to attend at the last minute. ABM’s Reconciliation Missioner, Brad Chapman, shared a brief update from Aunty Gloria and some prayer points.

Auntie Di shared some of her own personal faith story, and that of her parents and grandparents. Although members of the Stolen Generations, they passed on their faith to their children and grandchildren and it has given them to strength to continue to stand up for the truth and to speak the truth, even if, as Auntie Di acknowledged with a smile, it sometimes got her into trouble.

Both Auntie Di and Larissa encouraged ABM supporters to seek out stories about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in their own Dioceses, communities, and even their own family stories.

Those present also heard from the Rev’d Ben Paton, a priest from the Diocese of North Queensland, about his ministry in the Torres Strait and  the challenges and successes he is seeing there.

Our guest speakers told of much-needed ministry efforts caring for people physically and spiritually and of the impact these are having.

We were asked to continue to pray for communities still reeling from the result of the October Referendum.

While there was much to give thanks for and to celebrate in the stories we heard, some of them were difficult to hear – such as the fact that so few Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clergy in Northern Australia receive a ministry stipend. It shows that our Church still has a long way to go.

ABM would like to thank Auntie Di and Larissa for sharing so openly with us, and those who made the time to attend. It was a great privilege to join with ABM supporters to show our commitment to the ministry of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters, and the smiles on the faces of those who participated are an encouragement to us all.

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