Literacy Volunteers in Vanuatu help primary students improve their reading

Dec 8, 2022

AID’s Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) program, implemented by our partner, ACOM, in Vanuatu, is having reach beyond its original intention.

Mr Nombus is Head Teacher at Goro Primary School in west Gaua (one of the Banks Group of Islands in Torba Province, Northern Vanuatu).

He had been having challenges with some of his primary school students who were performing unsatisfactorily in their studies. He heard about ACOM’s community-based LLN program and approached the diocesan coordinator, Mrs Gracetella Paul. He wanted to know if the LLN staff and volunteers might assist the children with their language, literacy, and numeracy skills, and particularly in gaining a deeper level of reading for understanding.

ACOM agreed, and an arrangement was worked out that the volunteers would assist the children. In return, the school would support the volunteers to become full-time teachers.

Mr Nombus was able to integrate the LLN work into the formal curriculum.

Although the process is ongoing, it does seem like a win-win situation for all.

AID congratulates ACOM for its flexibility and creativity, and Mr Nombus on his conscientiousness.

We would also like to thank our supporters who donate to the Vanuatu Integrated WASH Project which includes the Language, Literacy and Numeracy work.