ABM’s 2023 Lent Study Selling Fast

Jan 10, 2023

ABM’s 2023 Lent Study Selling Fast

ABM’s 2023 Lent Study ‘The Imaginary Doorway’, written and illustrated by Stephen and Vanessa Daughtry, promises to provide readers with another exciting and challenging adventure this Lent.

The study is designed for groups and individuals, and sheds new light on some of the great stories of the Gospel, from the perspective of the people Jesus encountered. A combination of evocative story, fine art, challenging reflections and questions, these studies are designed to draw you closer to the person of Jesus during the 40 days of Lent.

Read a sample of the study here

The Right Revd Cameron Venables, Archbishop’s Commissary in the Diocese of Brisbane and Bishop for the Western Region writes this of the study:

“Any study of human society would suggest that we are ‘hard-wired’ for story. From the said and sung oral traditions of early societies, to the literature and theatre of those which came later. From silent movies to the mini-series of Netflix… we just seem to revel in a good story!

Jesus was a great storyteller and I think it’s because he knew people would remember the narrative and in that remembering there would be both leaven and life. Am I the Good Samaritan, or do I walk by on the other side? Are you the Prodigal, or are you the eldest son refusing to join the party?

In a time where there is an overwhelming volume of ‘story’ it’s hard to know which one to read or watch, and which one will be a blessing. Into this lived reality the recommendation of a friend can be hugely helpful: ‘I’ve just watched this, and I think you’ll love it!’ or, ’I’ve just read this and it was so good!’ can give us the confidence to buy or borrow, read and watch.

Well, as a friend and fellow-traveller, I very much recommend ABM’s 2023 Lent Study called ‘The Imaginary Doorway’.

The author, Steve Daughtry, is a gifted storyteller who brings to life with his rich prose seven encounters that Jesus had with other people. Then there are thought provoking questions and quotes for individual and groups… and beautiful paintings by Vanessa Daughtry which take us into a reflective space without words…
I am certainly recommending people and parishes in my part of the world to use this study and I invite you to join us.”

To learn more, or to order this thought-provoking and beautifully illustrated study in time for Lent, go to https://www.abmission.org/resources/the-imaginary-doorway/