Lent and Good Friday

Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, deprivation and vulnerability are not an option, but are the continuing reality of life. We invite you to support our Lent and Good Friday Appeal, which continues the Lenten tradition of sacrifical giving and compassion. 

Almost two-thirds of households in the Gaza Strip experience food insecurity. Providing even basic food requirements for the family can be challenging. Among other concerns, this can result in malnutrition or stunting in children. 

Prior to the current conflict in Gaza, the Al Ahli Hospital ran a longstanding Child Nutrition Program for children aged 6 months to 3 years to help address malnutrition. A partner program, called ‘Woman-to-Woman’, saw trained women from a mother’s own community going into their home to provide essential training in nutrition, self-esteem, communication skills and gender.  

A young mother who has benefited from this program, Rayan, lives in a small house with her husband’s family in Gaza’s impoverished Mawassi district. Last year, Rayan’s son, Mazen, was enrolled in the Child Nutrition Program, and Rayan received personal support through the Woman-to-Woman program.  

Rayan shared with us the positive impact that these programs have had on herself, her son and her family’s lives: 

“My son suffered from malnutrition and stunted growth. Mazen was selected to benefit from the program after being examined by the hospital’s medical team. After following up with Mazen at the hospital, I was very happy to see the positive improvements in his condition. 

The community mobilizer also played an important role in my life. She gave me wonderful advice that had an excellent impact on my life and corrected mistakes I didn’t even know about. After I participated in the Ahli Arab Hospital program, I became stronger and able to face the bad treatment I received from my husband and his family, especially regarding the bullying of my child. 

I’m very grateful to the Ahli Arab Hospital for opening my eyes to new things and ideas. I truly hope that all malnourished children and their mothers can benefit from such a project.” 

The Diocese of Colombo in Sri Lanka extends a hand to those most in need through their Education and Livelihoods Support project, which provides educational and nutritional aid for children, and health care and social connection throughout communities in the north of the country. 

In Kenya, our partner, Anglicans Development Services Eastern (ADSE), supports women in the drought-stricken country to establish an income and people with a disability to improve their livelihoods. Kyunyu woman, Catherine, has told us of how her life has changed since ADSE supported the construction of a sump well next to the Kikuu River, to pump water to the nearby marketplace. This project reduced a 10km walk to collect clean water to less than 1km for Catherine, with the time saved in her day enabling her to focus on making an income. 

“Our lives have greatly changed after ADSE interventions in Kyunyu, indeed in the whole of Kiangini location. I have saved and borrowed enough to clear school fees for one of my sons in secondary school.” 

Good Friday Gift 

This Good Friday you can provide hearing aids for refugee children in Jordan through the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf. This project focuses particularly on girls – as girls with disabilities are the most disadvantaged in the camps – assessing for hearing difficulties and fitting those who need them with hearing aids. With improved hearing comes significantly improved communication, education, and self-esteem.  

This Lent and Good Friday, please donate to AID’s appeal to help fund nutritional, education and support programs in Gaza, Sri Lanka and Kenya, which aim to improve the health and livelihoods of families, especially children, and those living with a disability.


The gender and nutrition programs run by the Al Ahli Hospital are currently on hold while the conflict in Gaza continues. Sadly, it is our expectation, that once the conflict ceases, the needs will be even more significant. Your donation will ensure that these vital health care services are immediately available to the vulnerable women and children in the Palestinian Territories,  when services resume. 


Lord Jesus Christ,
your love for us stretches from heaven to earth,
from beyond the grave to us here in this life,
from celestial eternity to our time-bound existence.

Help us, your servants,
to share that love – as you have commanded us to do – in practical ways.

During Lent, may we share that love by helping the children of Gaza and Sri Lanka to have good food to eat, and helping their parents to learn new skills. May we also serve those dealing with drought in Kenya to establish incomes to support their families.

On Good Friday, may we share that love by assisting the deaf to hear by providing hearing aids for refugee children in Jordan, through the Diocese of Jerusalem’s Holy Land Institute for the Deaf.

Send your Spirit to urge us to pray for partners,
and to stand with them in effective and down-to-earth ways,
for it is in truly loving them
that we show our genuine love for you.

Hear this prayer for your love’s sake.


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