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2019 Pew Reflections - Second Quarter (April-June)

Robert McLean, ABM Partnerships Coordinator.It is a pleasure to present the second quarter’s set of ABM’s Pew Reflections for 2019.

This second quarter’s pew reflections have been written by Robert McLean, ABM Partnerships Coordinator.

We hope that these reflections will stimulate you to ponder more deeply as you read or hear what God is saying to the Church, and to you, through the Sunday and feast day readings. We hope that they will be a springboard for you to delve more deeply into the Holy Scriptures.

May the word of God be ‘living and active’ in your hearts and minds as we journey towards Easter, Pentecost and beyond (cf. Hebrews 4.12).

In Christ,

Wilnor Flores
Church to Church Program Officer

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