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Partners Praying Together (September)


A Resource for Daily Prayers

Partners Praying Together comes out monthly and has daily prayer points. These include prayers for ABM's partners and also prayers from General Synod’s Australian Prayer Cycle. In this way, the resource may be used not only by Australian Anglicans but also by our partners.

To print Partners Praying Together

Hints for Printing
NB: Because each printer is different, these remarks can only give general advice. You may need to experiment a little to get things right.

Partners Praying Together has been designed so that it can be printed as a booklet – either using A4 paper, or (for a large print version) A3 paper.

In the printer settings look for the booklet setting. The original document is designed on A4 pages so use that as the original size setting. If you want a ‘pew sheet’ sized booklet, then choose A4 as the output size. If your printer can print on to A3 paper, you can choose A3 as the output size for a large print version.

If you have trouble, either ask your parish to print you a copy – it should be as easy for them as printing off a pew bulletin – or else contact ABM.

Download a .pdf copy of the daily prayers for September 2021:

Download document  670.72 KB


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