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National Reconciliation Week, 27 May - 3 June


Link to video of the Revd Di LanghamPray

In National Reconciliation Week 2020, we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. Covid-19 has altered the way that we do life in community. We are realising just how adaptive we can be when faced with change, we also find that we can have more space to connect in new ways with our communities. During this National Reconciliation Week, ABM invited you to join us as we listen; pray; reflect; and act.

Listen to interviews with leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander figures from the Anglican Church of Australia.

Pray using a selection of prayers written by Aborignal and Torres Strait Islander Christians.

Reflect on the words of the Statement from the Heart with this 8 part study written by ABM Reconciliation Coordinator, Celia Kemp, with art by the Revd Glenn Loughrey.

Act by participating in a National Reconciliation Week event, or hosting your own.


Plus Click here for Daily reflections and information sheets written by the Revd Glenn Loughrey.



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