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Schools Resources

  • School Project Resources

    The Anglican Board of Mission's School Project resources provide information about our work with partners. These are available to download and focus on the areas of climate change, disaster risk reduction and disaster preparedness.



  • OneWorld WonTok Conference Resources

    The One World WonTok Poverty and Development Youth Conference is a joint development education initiative of the Anglican Board of Mission and UnitingWorld.

    At the 2015 One World WonTok Conference students engaged in highly interactive learning activities to raise awareness about the causes of poverty and how the global community has agreed to address these through new Sustainable Development Goals.

    Delegates were equipped and encouraged to develop their capacity as leaders to positively and proactively contribute to social justice issues.

    The conference featured special guest Gideon Bustamante from the Philippines.

    Read about the 2015 One World WonTok Youth Conference here.

    Click here  to download the activity resources.

    To find out more and register for the 2016 One World WonTok Conference, please click on this link :



  • Who is My Neighbour? Education Resource

    The Who is My Neighbour? Photographic Exhibition is a moving and educating display of images brought to you by Anglican Board of Mission.

    This education resource for schools was been put together by St Mark’s Anglican Community School, Perth, Western Australia, to accompany the photographic exhibition which toured Australia in 2014.


  • Anglican Schools Commission Queensland Resources

    Living in the Kingdom - Learning Activities were developed within the Revised Religious Education Philosophy and Curriculum Framework, produced by the Anglican Schools Commission Queensland. Their purpose is to engage students with key ideas relating to issues of social justice in the Christian faith. In particular they focus on the Millennium Development Goals and the Anglican Board of Mission Australia.


  • Anglican Schools Newsletter

    This quarterly Anglican Schools newsletter is sent to Anglican Schools around Australia and features educational resources for students and staff as well as news stories from our partners around the world. You can download a .pdf copy from our website.

  • Transforming Service Conference April 14-16, 2016

    The Transforming Service Conference is an ecumenical service learning conference for primary and secondary educators in Australian schools. Find out more about the event here.