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The Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan

Daily Prayer - Day 21 (from 'Partners in Prayer')

Day 21 The Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan

Charles Ogeno, Manager of the Ofirika Clinic
in the Diocese of Torit, South Sudan.
© Beth Snedden/ABM, 2015.

We give you thanks, O God, we give you thanks. We call upon your name and tell of all the wonders you have done.
Psalm 75.1


Since gaining its independence from the north in 2011, South Sudan has experienced much conflict, including civil war and the Church has had to minister in a very fragile context. The Church regularly responds to needs for relief for people affected by the ongoing political instability and ABM supports such relief efforts in South Sudan.

In July last year, a group was received at the Archbishop’s invitation to examine whether the Sudanese dioceses (based in the Muslim-dominated north) should split to form a separate province.


On this day we call to mind our sisters and brothers within the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan; and so we pray for –

  • the Most Rev Daniel Deng Bul Yak, Archbishop of South Sudan and Sudan, and Bishop of Juba, his staff, clergy and people
  • the bishops, staff, clergy and people of the other dioceses, especially those where conflict occurs
  • John Augustino Lumori, the Church’s Provincial Secretary
  • the bishops, clergy and people of the dioceses in Sudan, as they await a decision on whether they will become a separate ecclesiastical province
  • the Sudan Development and Relief Agency (SUDRA) and its manager, the Rev Joseph El Haj, who is coordinating relief efforts


God our refuge and our strength, be with the members of the Sudanese Church on their journey towards you. May their Church be a place of freedom and joy, as they move forward to a future of healing and grace. Amen.