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ABM Prayer Theme: Pray for all those affected by the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) whether here in Australia, within ABM’s Overseas Partners, or beyond – for the souls of all who have died; for the families and friends they have left behind; for the sick; for those so overwhelmed by anxiety that they have resorted to panic buying and hoarding; for children who are now scared of dying; for those in self-isolation or in quarantine; for those unable to work from home; for those whose businesses have been negatively affected; for those whose income is now reduced or who have been laid off; for those more susceptible to the disease – whether by age or underlying medical condition; for those who are unable, for any reason, to worship in their churches or synagogues, mosques or temples. Give thanks for all the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff who are tending to the sick; for the epidemiologists and other scientists who are working towards a vaccine; for those who show kindness to others through ‘social distancing’, through buying groceries for the elderly, or through phone calls to the isolated; for all those businesses who are able to let their staff work from home; for those who have been buying responsibly in the supermarkets; for those churches who are finding creative ways to engage in worship and prayer online or outside; for all who minister to others in Christ’s name in this season of anxiety.



 ABM Prayer for the Day: Give thanks for asset-based community development in the Philippines. ABM works in that country with two partners, E-CARE (part of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines) and IFI-VIMROD (part of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente, the Philippine Independent Church). Both partners work closely with poor people in often very remote local communities to strengthen their capacity to engage in profitable, sustainable farming and related activities. They help communities to form small groups or cooperatives, and train them in a form of development known as ‘asset- based’, where communities are encouraged to consider their assets, and build from those, to help address their own development issues. E-CARE reports that many of the communities they have helped through the asset-based approach are now well on their way to becoming independent cooperatives. With ABM’s support this year E-CARE will provide training to these cooperatives in financial management.

◊ Australian Cycle of Prayer: The Diocese of Brisbane – Archbishop Phillip Aspinall, the regional bishops, clergy and people

◊ UN: World Health Day; International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda


>> You can download the April edition of Partners Praying Together here