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ABM Prayer Theme:  

Episcopal Community Action for Renewal and Empowerment (E-CARE), the community development arm of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines, partners with ABM’s Anglicans in Development unit and is helping to build self-reliant communities in the Philippines.

Their Asset-Based Community Development program, otherwise referred to as ABCD, uses a development approach focusing on the identification and use of a community and its members’ assets and skills as a means to improve their capacities and drive their own development as opposed to solely relying on external grants and assistance.

Receivers to Givers is a program developed by E-CARE which allows communities to receive support and to engage in their own projects. In time, those communities are able to ‘pay it forward’ by going from being receivers to being givers and they then partner with new groups, helping them to achieve their goals. Give thanks for allthat E-CARE achieves as they build strong communities.



◊ ABM Prayer for the Day: Give thanks for Wontulp-Bi-Buya College in Cairns. The college supports the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander church and community leaders through study programs leading to awards in theology, suicide prevention, addictions management and community development. Pray for the Rev Victor Joseph, the college’s Principal, and for the staff and students.

◊ Australian Cycle of Prayer: The Diocese of North West Australia – Bishop Garry Nelson, the clergy and people 


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