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Auxiliary Treasurer swims for charity

Margaret Lawther at Enfield swimming pool.
Margaret at Enfield swimming pool.
Used with permission.

November 2015

Margaret Lawther, Treasurer of the ABM National and Sydney Auxiliaries and long-time supporter, undertook a 2.5km swim in October 2015 to fundraise for charity. She shares her story with us:

"On a beautiful crisp morning at 6.00am on the 21st October, I set off to swim 50 laps of the 50 metre pool at Enfield in Sydney. This was to raise money for two charities - the Anglican Board of Mission and Kidney Health Australia.

"As at 10th November $1,700 was raised to be divided 75% to ABM and 25% to Kidney Health. All went well but the last three laps were tough and when I got out, I had to sit down for a while, either that or fall down!!"

Margaret has since recovered and is thinking of doing this as an annual event.

What a wonderful effort Margaret! Thank you for your support and we hope you will inspire others to do their bit for mission.



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