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Solomon Islands

Boats on the shore of Kirakira, San Cristobal

Boats on the shore of Kirakira, San Cristobal.© Jess Melas/ABM.

The Solomon Islands has a population of just over half a million. In the late 90’s to 2003 the country experienced ethnic violence, crime and poor government which undermined stability and civil society. The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) has been working to restore law and order and start to rebuild government institutions.

In the Solomon Islands, ABM works through the Church of Melanesia (ACOM) which is the local expression of the Anglican Church and extends through the Solomon Islands into Vanuatu. Around 32% of the population identifies with this Church which has six dioceses in the Solomon Islands.

Through ABM, various projects have been embarked on for peace and reconciliation, HIV and AIDS, health and domestic violence, education, which promote community mobilization and empowerment towards poverty reduction and sustainable development.


2017 projects in the solomon islands

Community Development Program

You can learn more about ABM's Programs here.


solomon islands Emergency updates

September 2016 - An update about the ongoing rehabilitation work from the 2014 Solomon Islands Flood. Read more.


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