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Projects supported by the ABM Auxiliary

The following is a list of Special and General Projects supported by the ABM Auxiliary since 1965 to the present:  

 1965-66  Operation Deficit
 1968  PNG: Light and Life to Dogura
 1969  Melanesia: Honiara Cathedral Chairs
 1971  PNG: Melanesian Brothers 
    PNG Highlands: Mangalas
 1972  PNG: St. Raphael's Hospital Gona
 1973  Melanesia: Dormitory Bishop Patterson Theological College
 1974  Diocese of Carpentaria: Hall at Lockhart River
 1975  Hong Kong: 7 Fishermen's Houses  
    Diocese of Carpentaria
    Diocese of Sydney: House of Epiphany, Stanmore
 1976  Korea: St. Peter's School for Children with Disability, Seoul
    PNG: St. Barnabas Hospital, Dogura
 1977  Polynesia: Vicarage VaVau 
 1978  ABM – 15 Steps
 1979  Korea: Education Program
 1980  "Green Hand" SPAC: 
      (1) Suva: Theological Education
      (2)  Melanesia: Women's Centre
 1981  Malaysia: Student's Theoloji
 1982  Aborginal Affairs Secretary
 1983-84  PNG: Tsendiap - Lay Evangelists' College
 1985  Diocese of Jerusalem: Br. Sinden
 1986  Hong Kong: Cynthia Tellez 
 1987   Western Australia: Oombulgurri
 1988   Zambia
 1989   Diocese of Carpentaria
 1990   PNG: Newton Theological College
 1991   Laos: Vien Tien
 1992   Korea: Bansong
 1993  Bangladesh
    Diocese of the NT: Nungalinya Theological College
 1994   Myanmar (Burma)
 1995  Melanesia
 1996  Philippines
 1997  PNG: RE Young Anglicans
 1998  Myanmar (Burma): Health Project
 1999  Resourcing Australian Indigenous Anglicans
 2000  PNG: Save a Life
 2001  Philippines: Empowering People through Communications 
 2002   PNG: Kerina College
 2003   PNG: Bringing Light through Health and Literacy
 2004   PNG: Sharing the Word - Literacy with women at Kerina & Newton Colleges
 2005  Solomon Islands: Trauma Counselling, Reconciliation and HIV/AIDS Awareness
 2006  Supporting Indigenous Ministry Throughout Australia
 2007   Empowering Women in Egypt
 2008  Vanuatu: Clean Water for Vanuatu
 2009  Vanuatu: Literacy in Vanuatu
 2010  Filling the Gaps
 2011  PNG: Library Books for Newton Theological College
 2012  Zambia: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women in Zambia
 2013  Philippines: Christan Education
 2014  South Sudan
 2015  Myanmar (Burma)
 2016  Kenya: Sustainable Livelihoods Project
 2017  Zambia: St John's Seminary
 2018  PNG: Adult Literacy
 2019  PNG: Newton Theological College











































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