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Papua New Guinea

PNG main image
Mosa village in the New Guinea Islands, PNG.
© Julianne Stewart/ABM 2015

Papua New Guinea (PNG) has a population of over 6 million and occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. Over 80% of people live in rural areas, relying on subsistence farming. There is great diversity in the country with over 800 languages spoken. In PNG only 59% of females are literate and there is an infant mortality rate of around 41 deaths per 1000 births (Australia’s is 4 per 1000 births).

ABM has a long history with the Anglican Church of PNG (ACPNG) with a relationship dating back to 1885, and with many of our ex-missionaries having served in the country.

The Anglican Province of PNG is made up of five dioceses - Aipo Rongo, Dogura, New Guinea Islands, Popondota and Port Moresby. Around 3% of Papua New Guineans identify themselves as ‘Anglican’, although in some provinces (such as Oro) this figure is as high as 60%.

ABM continues to work to build the church’s capacity to serve rural communities in the areas of health, education and community development, as well as to raise awareness of important social issues such as equality and child protection. The work of Anglicare PNG across its five branches in adult literacy, HIV prevention and water and sanitation for health (WASH) programs is also supported through our projects.

We also fund projects which aim to strengthen the church through evangelism and clergy training initiatives.


2017 projects in papua new guinea

Church to Church Program

Community Development Program

Emergency Response

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Stories from the Field:

Read stories written by ABM program staff and about how your support of these projects make a difference to the lives of people in Papua New Guinea. 

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Newsletters from ABM's PNG Partners

Find out more about the work of ABM's Partners in PNG - Anglicare PNG and PNG Church Partnership Program - through their newsletters. Read more.


Following the Way (2010 Papua New Guinea Documentary)

This 40 minute documentary made by filmmaker Steve Ramsden (son of the former Bishop of Port Moresby, Peter Ramsden and his wife Sue Ramsden) gives an informative introduction to the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea and to PNG in general. The viewer is taken on a journey around the country, visiting all five dioceses of the Church where the stories of many people can be heard, stories which are still relevant today.