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New England Girls' School Old Girls' Missionary Union

Students photo from NEGS archives
Image from New England Girls' School archives. ©NEGS 

September 2015

The following article was written by Juliet Cameron, ABM supporter and Honorary Secretary of the New England Girls' School Old Girls' Missionary Union:

“In 1891 ABM sent the first Anglican missionaries to the island of New Guinea, which became established as a diocese within the Church of England in Australia.” (

Seven years later, in 1898 the third Bishop of the Armidale and Grafton Church of England Diocese was Arthur Vincent Green and he founded St John’s College in Armidale that year. In 1895 his sister Miss Florence Emily Green opened a school for girls in New England and in 1898 she began writing an annual letter to the girls she had educated at her school inviting them to send her their donations for mission work.

Miss Green chose The New Guinea Mission to be supported by her Missionary Union.

According to folklore, Miss Green once wrote, “for every penny you send, I will give another penny and that way we can send two missionaries to New Guinea.”

Now in 2015, the annual Lenten Letter is still sent to New England Girls’ School Old Girls’ Missionary Union members giving news about missions and asking for donations, and funds are still being sent to the Anglican Board of Mission in Sydney for mission work in New Guinea. A ribbon of faith from the 19th Century to the 21st Century.

J. Cameron


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