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Kenya: Good Shepherd Children's Program update

March 2017

In October 2016, the Catechism of the Good Shepherd in St. Crispin’s celebrated the Bungoma Diocese centenary anniversary. It was a time of great joy, and was attended by many Bishops and clergy from Kenya, South Sudan and even the United Kingdom.

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya, His Grace Jackson Ole Sapit presided over the event, and attended several presentations by the children from the CGS program. He was impressed by the material used, commenting that it was indeed ‘spiritually nutritious’. 

Archbishop Sapit views CGS material   The Plan of God presentation
Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit views the
Good Shepherd presentation, along with
the Rt. Rev Peter of Malek diocese in
South Sudan. © CGS, 2016. Used with
  The Plan of God presentation, led by CGS member
Immaculate.© CGS, 2016. Used with permission.
The ten bridesmaids presentation   Archbishop Sapit prays for the CGS program
The ten bridesmaid presentation by Gladys. 
© CGS, 2016. Used with permission.

Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit prayed a blessing over the
CGS program, children and atrium,
together with
Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev George Mechumo, Rt. Rev
Peter of Malek diocese
, Canon Walter (left), Provost
Gabriel Malek, and Canon Kistos (right) Director of
CGS Kenya and East Africa. © CGS, 2016.
Used with permission.


ABM is proud to support the great work of the Good Shepherd program, which is rapidly expanding throughout Kenya and the region.


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