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Kenya: Disability Inclusion Project

Irene in her shop. © Diocese of Eldoret, 2019
Irene in her shop. © Diocese of Eldoret, 2019

It’s exciting to be able to share stories of real change from some of the people living with a disability who have been participating in this project: 

Irene Kirwa has expanded and increased the profits of her small mixed business. 

“Before ABM helped me, my business was low but now it has improved. I am now selling potatoes, beans, and charcoal and I have even expanded to roasting maize and selling used clothes. From the increased profits, I have bought a cow and so I don’t buy milk anymore. The money has enabled me to fence my compound. I can also save some money for my personal use.” 

Margaret Minayo is a fruit and vegetable seller. 

“I sell fresh fruits and vegetables. I’m so grateful for the funds. My business is doing well despite the harsh climatic conditions. The supply is low and the demand is high. The business has changed my life. The profits have bought cement for my house construction and I know I will finish the construction. Since then I feel I have dignity like everybody else.” 

Margaret Waithera has also experienced an increase in empowerment and dignity. 

“I really appreciate this project because my business has improved. I’m able to compete with others in the market, my dignity has improved and people have changed the perception that with my condition, I cannot run a business. Through the business, I have bought a sheep and chickens, and I know I will do much more.”

This project, implemented by ABM’s partner, the Community- based Rehabilitation Program of the Diocese of Eldoret in Kenya’s Rift Valley, supports people with a disability through interest-free loans and small business training to lead dignified, independent lives. It also works to raise greater awareness among church members and others in the community about the rights and experiences of people living with a disability. 

Anglican Church of Kenya priest, the Reverend Wycliffe Ngeiywo notes: “The direct involvement of clergy in the creation of [disability] awareness in public forums and worship services has strongly enhanced our outreach. Church youth forums have also provided a good platform for awareness. It is a path worth taking.” 

Some of the key messages people are taking away from the training sessions are: 

• It is wrong for someone to place “disability” in my ability. 

• People with disability have a different contribution to make, no one is destined to fail. 

• Forget your disabilities and explore your abilities.  


» In 2020 the Disability Inclusion Project needs $18,000 (tax-deductible)

  • $30 will provide training in disability rights for each person, who will go on to train others
  • It costs $205 to provide one year of on-site training in book-keeping, accounting and impact monitoring to 8 people with a disability
  •  $675 provides a start-up business loan for one person with a disability. 

Your support of this project will enable more people living with a disability to experience wholeness of life, and to better provide for themselves and their families. 



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*Supported in partnership with the Diocese of Perth and the Diocese of Eldoret, Kenya.

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