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Gender Equality

March 2018

This International Women's Day 2018, we want to "Leave no woman behind."

Women’s knowledge and expertise as leaders, planning for and responding to disasters and conflict can help protect and empower women and girls so that they can survive and thrive.

ABM is working hard to enhance gender equality and inclusion across all our community development projects. 

In Zambia, ABM partners with the Zambia Anglican Council Outreach Program (ZACOP) in a program specifically designed to address gender-based violence and encourage the empowerment of women. This is done by working to reduce the social, cultural, religious and structural barriers that hinder women and children from accessing their rights, and providing the necessary support to enhance women’s financial independence.

International Women's Day 2018

The Gender Coordinator, Mrs Royter Choongo, recently spoke to ABM about the program;

“We’ve engaged with the traditional leaders, influential community leaders, like the clergy, teachers and headmasters that are also in support of this project. And we feel like together we can actually be able to either reduce Gender-based violence, or actually eliminate [it].

Click here to find out more about this life-changing program.

To read more about International Women's day, please go to the UN IWD website.


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