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Encounter Program

Snow (Nant Hnin Hnin Aye) CPM at Trinity College, Melbourne.
Encounter visitor for 2017-2020 Snow (Nant Hnin Hnin Aye) CPM, at Trinity College, Melbourne. © Nant Hnin Hnin Aye, 2019. Used with permission.

Become an In-service Training Champion by supporting ABM’s Encounter Program. 

Anglicans who work for the Church in Australia are lucky: if some kind of training is needed it’s usually forthcoming, one way or another. If, for example, your parish’s secretary needs some coaching on how to develop and manage the parish website, then that will usually happen fairly routinely. It’s not the same for our overseas partners. For them, on the job training can seem like an unobtainable luxury.  

Mary* works as a communications officer for one of ABM’s overseas partners. Fr James* is a priest from another of our overseas partners who has worked in his parish for five years, and has been unable to get much post-ordination training. Peter* is from yet another ABM partner. He’s a diocesan secretary who would like some upskilling. Despite their different contexts – Africa, Asia, the Pacific – they all have one common need: in-service coaching to help them to do their jobs more confidently and effectively.  

The training that Mary, Fr James and Peter all need is capacity building – the sort of coaching that will give them extra know-how and extend their abilities in the workplace. 

However, communications training for Mary is not easily available in her country and it is too expensive for her diocese to afford. Fr James’ desire to learn more about hospital chaplaincy is unlikely to be fulfilled for the same reasons. Peter’s longing to learn more about how to run a diocesan office with a high degree of professionalism faces exactly the same obstacles. 

So what can be done? Well, here’s how you can help: by making a donation to ABM’s Encounter Program, you’ll be helping people like Mary, Fr James, and Peter to travel to Australia (or occasionally to ABM’s other partners) to reach their goals . By being an In-service Training Champion you can help to upskill ABM’s overseas partners, and give them opportunities at the same time to learn about church life in our country. Similarly, as Australian Anglicans, we can learn from people like Mary, Fr James, and Peter about what it is like to be an Anglican in other parts of the world. 

ABM exists to help the Anglican Church of Australia to respond to God’s mission by joining in. Join with other parishes and individuals to give the precious gift of training, helping our Anglican sisters and brothers who work for the Church.   

We need your help: this year we are seeking $18,000 for the Encounter Program. You can help by making a one-off donation, or you can set up an ongoing monthly amount. Please support those who need their expertise increased. 

By supporting this project you can have a positive impact not only on the Encounter Visitor, but also on the Churches they serve. 

» In 2020 the Encounter Program needs $18,000



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  • Alternatively, for donations by cheque/money order (made out to the Anglican Board of Mission - Australia), telephone or email, view contact details here. Please don’t forget to include the project name and/or code AU012EP with your payment details.

Gifts to ABM will be applied to the support of project(s) selected. In the unlikely event of the project being oversubscribed or not proceeding to completion, donations will be applied to a similar project to the one(s) selected.

* Not their real names

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