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Solomon Islands: Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change

Coastal erosion in Honiara. © Liz Baker/ABM, 2013.
 Coastal erosion in Honiara. © Liz Baker/ABM, 2013.

This year we aim to demonstrate Backyard Gardening in 5 communities vulnerable to natural disaster and climate change, and to improve drainage at Selwyn College to reduce the impact of flash flooding on the school population.

In recent decades the Solomon Islands have seen increased numbers of extreme weather events such as cyclones and major storms causing flash floods. Additionally, sea level rising has led to at least five low lying islands having disappeared, and more are under dire threat.

ABM’s partner, the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) places a priority on helping people across the Solomon Islands to be as resilient as possible in the face of these events. ACOM has a Climate Change policy and action plans. This project supports ACOM to implement their action plans. They are doing this by working to increase the resilience of communities living in disaster prone areas and low lying communities, particularly in food production, food security and capacity to respond effectively to natural disasters.

Because ACOM is represented over most of this country of more than 900 islands, they are using their seven dioceses as focal areas to establish regional disaster committees, to pre-position emergency supplies for use after a natural disaster, and to support people in low lying areas with techniques and knowledge to remain food secure. Disaster committees have already been formed in Malaita, Guadalcanal and Temotu dioceses.

This year your funding will support ACOM to work with selected communities which are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and disasters, including local Anglican secondary school, Selwyn College.

At Selwyn, ACOM will improve drainage around the school, which is located in a narrow low-lying strip between the sea and hillsides. Improved drainage will reduce the impact of flash flooding during heavy rains.

Additionally, ACOM will work with selected vulnerable coastal communities to demonstrate and train women in doing Backyard Gardening which increases crop yields and thus reduces vulnerability to climate change. To do this ACOM will be supported by technical expertise from local organisation, Kastom Gaden. Women (identified as “lead gardeners” in their communities) will be shown how to make raised beds and use salt-resistant crops where appropriate, as well as organic gardening techniques such as composting, mulching and pest management. The women will also receive training in nutrition. These “lead gardeners” will then train others in their communities.

The women receive planting materials and tools after the demonstration.

Give generously to this project to help Solomon Islanders increase their resilience to the worst effects of climate change and natural disasters. 

SB012EP needs $25,911 in 2019 (tax-deductible)

  • $12,000 funds improvements to drainage at Selwyn College.
  • $70 covers the cost for a participant to learn about Backyard Gardening and receive the tools and seeds needed to create an organic garden for their family.
  • $500 provides access to clean water for ten school students and their families.
  • $3,000 covers the cost of one Diocesan Committee to be trained in Disaster Management, including for the community of around 200 people to be trained in awareness of disaster risk reduction.



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project updates

February 2019 - ACOM reported on a disaster training workshop which ABM supported in order to establish a Disaster Committee for the Diocese of Central Solomons. Read more

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