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Diocese of Bathurst - 50th Anniversary of AWA

Lorraine Clarkson at the AWA 50th celebration.
Lorraine Clarkson at the AWA 50th celebration.

April 2018

ABM supporter Lorraine Clarkson gave us an update from a recent event. On Saturday 14 April, there was a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Anglican Women of Australia (AWA), and the Annual General Meeting in the Diocese of Bathurst.

About 50 people attended, mainly women who have been part of a parish AWA group for many years. There was a Eucharist and thanksgiving for over 50 years of faithful service.

Lorraine had the opportunity to speak about the importance of ABM’s Adult Literacy project in Papua New Guinea, which is also the 2018 National Auxiliary Project. The offertory collection, about $300, was kindly donated towards this project so thank you to all for your generosity.

In the photograph, Lorraine shows us the ‘placemat’ created for the event which has information about the Adult Literacy project and Papua New Guinea.

>> Find out more about the PNG Adult Literacy project here 


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