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Philippines: Capacity Building update

November 2017

The following story was provided by the social development department of the Philippine Independent Church (IFI-VIMROD), one of ABM’s partners in the Philippines. It tells of an inspirational woman who is fully engaged in the Capacity Building project, funded by ABM and the Australian government (DFAT), and has risen to a place of leadership in her community despite the challenges she has faced.

Empowered through Disability Rights Education

Judith with her daughter
Judith Batindaan with her daughter.
© IFI-VIMROD, 2017

Judith Batindaan is a young member of the Marikaban Innovative Shellcraft Makers Association (MISMA) on the Philippines island of Santa Fe, which was much impacted by Super Typhoon Haiyan a few years ago. Judith is a single mother and a farm labourer. She also has a physical disability. Anglican Board of Mission's partner, VIMROD, works with associations like Judith's to support local initiatives that empower their members economically.

VIMROD's support to MISMA includes a number of training modules, including one on awareness of the rights of people with a disability. As a result of knowledge gained from this training, and the increased confidence she gained from being part of MISMA, Judith actually set up an organisation for people with disabilities.

"I'm very thankful that VIMROD introduced us to the laws regarding accessibility for People with Disabilities (PWDs). Once I realised that PWDs can access different forms of benefits, I went straight to Municipal Hall to process my PWD Identity Card. This gives me 20% discounts on services and goods. Previously I used to hide in my house because I was ashamed of my disability. Now I even encourage other PWDs to join MISMA so they can learn about their rights. I help them to process their PWD Identity Cards.

"The barangay (local government) has a program on PWDs but it's not functioning. So, in October last year, I initiated an organisation for PWDs which now has 35 members and has become a partner of the Local Government Unit (LGU). We have started a Soup Making Project which is funded by the LGU. "

ABM would like to thank all of our supporters who have generously donated towards this project. Your assistance has led to the empowerment of many people with disabilities like Judith Batindaan, helping them to gain greater confident and reach their life goals through education and support.


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