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Climate Change

The Anglican Communion’s Marks of Mission emphasise our commitment to protect, care for and renew life on our planet. Many of ABM's partners are already dealing with the impacts of climate change, among them our closest neighbours.

Letters to Australian Parliamentarians

ABM recently helped to deliver some very personal letters, addressed to Australian parliamentarians. These were written by people in the Pacific who are worried by the dramatic changes they are seeing in their island homelands. Read more.


The Revd Dr Jonathan Inkpin

 The Revd Dr Jo Inkpin. Used with permission


Late last year, several Anglican Theologians wrote some insightful articles exploring the moral and spiritual imperatives placed upon humanity to care for all of creation.

The Revd Dr Jo Inkpin was among them. Dr Inkpin is a lecturer at St Francis Theological College in Brisbane, and a former ecumenical officer for the National Council of Churches in Australia, engaged in theological reflection and action on questions of peace, justice, reconciliation and the integrity of creation. You can read his article here.



Walande Island and a village lost to the sea

Rt Rev William Pwaisiho takes a journey to visit the remote island of Walande in the Malaita Province of the Solomon Islands. Originally from Malaita, Rt Rev Pwaisiho has spent a number of recent years living in the Diocese of Chester in England, and so had not visited Walande Island since 2002. Read more.


Do you want to help reverse the effects of Climate Change, and stand in solidarity with these Pacific communities? 

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