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Australia: Nungalinya College, Darwin

life.	Ernestine and Galvin at Nungalinya. © Nungalinya College, 2017. Used with permission

Ernestine and Galvin at Nungalinya.
© Nungalinya College, 2017. Used with permission
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Reconciliation Program:
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Nungalinya College provides quality education and life skills training to communities in Arnhem Land and the islands of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

One of the many success stories from Nungalinya College in 2017 was the literacy development of a young couple, Galvin and Ernestine.

For the last two years, they studied at the college, beginning in the preliminary level of the Certificate I in Education and Skills Development. Ernestine displayed strong capabilities in the classroom from the beginning, having achieved a good level of literacy in school. However, Galvin low literacy level hampered his efforts.

As Galvin worked through the preliminary level, his teachers could see small improvements. When the course was finished,  it was obvious to college staff that Ernestine was ready to progress into the advanced level of Certificate I, but there was still doubt regarding Galvin’s readiness.

To help strengthen his chances of success, his teachers gave him homework to complete and encouraged him to read every day. Galvin was determined and he followed their advice and instruction diligently.

In 2016, the couple progressed into the advanced level of Certificate I and Galvin continued to make
steady gains. Along with the rest of their class, they enjoyed the integrated teaching model in this
course, based on the theme of Paul’s missionary journey.

The units focus on this theme, with students imagining they are going on a missionary journey to the communities represented in the class. This requires them to use many different numeracy skills to calculate distance, costs and budgets as well as literacy and oral communication.

At the end of the year, Galvin and Ernestine graduated. It was a wonderful moment for all the staff and students to see Galvin stand up in chapel and read his testimony in front of the whole congregation. Full of hope for the future, Galvin is now continuing his studies with the Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology.

This is just one of many stories of trial and triumph at Nungalinya. The college staff compiled some quotes from graduating students, outlining their experiences and hopes for the future. 

 “Nungalinya is a good place to learn the Jesus message and also how to be a strong leader. This will help me when I go back to church in my community.”

“My time at Nungalinya has made my reading skills stronger, shown me that dramas are a good way to teach and that it is important to respect those around you.”

“At Nungalinya, I have learnt that God unites us all. I have enjoyed meeting new people and learning things about their lives.”

Your support of Nungalinya College means that those it trains are equipped with awareness and
understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and life, vision, management skills, and with the ability to reflect theologically through their own culture.

Please give generously to enable Nungalinya to help students develop fundamental skills for further study and for life. 

AU017NG needs $43,750 in 2018 (tax-deductible)



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News and images from Nungalinya College

Nungalinya College's newsletters and other publications are available on their website:

Images from Nungalinya College may be found on their Flickr page


Project Update

February 2017 - Nungalinya College is preparing for the start of another exciting year, with the Teaching Team and College Deans meeting together earlier this month. The staff learnt from one another as they planned their classes, sharing knowledge of kinship and culture, and took time to pray and fellowship together over meals. Read more.

September 2016 - Nungalinya College is now in Graduation Season! Their latest newsletter has described the first graduation ceremony held on the 19th August, and the encouraging stories of two graduates. Read more.

July 2016 - Students in Certificate II in Media and Discipleship Studies have produced a couple of inspiring documentaries about their Assistant Teachers at the College.

Watch the videos here

For your prayers

  • Give thanks for Nungalinya College’s Indigenous Assistant Teachers - Yurranydjil, Maratja, Wangarr, Mandy, Marlene and James, and pray for them as they continue to develop their teaching.
  • Pray for Indigenous Christian leaders to continue to grow in their faith and be role models for their churches and communities.
  • Pray for the College while it undergoes a certification process to check whether their buildings are structurally sound enough to keep.


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