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Australia - Reconciliation Program

Australia: Reconciliation Program


ABM's priorities in supporting both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglicans are to support the ministry of Indigenous Australians with their own people and communities and to support programs of training and leadership development.

The people and projects contribute to the development of Indigenous communities and the Australian community as a whole.

The overall program has an emphasis on local leadership development rather than external leadership. We primarily seek to encourage and support Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders to minister to their own people in Australia.

ABM fundraise for the projects by promoting them and working in partnership with the Dioceses who generally manage the projects at the local level.

We believe that Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders have a special place in this country as their ancestry goes back thousands of years. Many Indigenous Christians believe that God was with them from long ago and they find meaning and hope in the Good News of Jesus Christ. We believe there is a need for trained Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian leaders to minister to their communities.

Our projects are currently in New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory.


2018 Projects in australia

Reconciliation Program

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We offer these prayers to the church - they may be used during the Week of Prayer for Reconciliation, NAIDOC week or indeed at anytime.