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Australia: Gawura School

Gawura changes lives through learning. © Gawura School, 2019. Used with permission.
Gawura changes lives through learning. © Gawura School, 2019. Used with permission.

Gawura is a unique, coeducational school for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who live close to Sydney’s CBD.

Gawura had a momentous year in 2019 with the first student to finish year 12 after starting in kindergarten when Gawura was established in 2007. Izak reached this milestone and will be the first of many Indigenous students to walk this path. He has exciting dreams for his future and plans to be a cardio thoracic surgeon one day, working in his community.

Gawura also had more reasons to celebrate in 2019 when one of their graduates commenced a PhD and another started her Masters at Oxford University.

Gawura is the first free- standing, deliberately all Indigenous school in NSW in the independent sector. Gawura was established by St Andrew’s Cathedral School in response the inequalities and poor educational outcomes of First Nations people.

Gawura has very small class groups with a maximum of five students per grade, where literacy and numeracy are taught intensively with cultural learning and language embedded into every lesson. Gawura has nine Indigenous staff members.

Your support of this project will help to provide a Gawura scholarship for a student in secondary school to put them on pathways that will set them up for life.

»In 2020 Gawura School needs $20,000 (tax-deductible)



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