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Australia: Diocese of the Northern Territory

Mildred Mamarika (in red) with Edna Barra and Colleen Mamarika from Umbakumba community sharing about St Mary’s Umbakumba with other Aboriginal leaders at the Pre-Synod Gathering. © TK Beer, Diocese of Northern Territory, 2019.
Mildred Mamarika (in red) with Edna Barra and Colleen Mamarika from Umbakumba community sharing about St Mary’s Umbakumba with other Aboriginal leaders at the Pre-Synod Gathering. © TK Beer, Diocese of Northern Territory, 2019.

The Diocese of the Northern Territory is the youngest of the 23 dioceses of the Anglican Church of Australia. It comprises almost one fifth of the Australian landmass. The total population of the Northern Territory is about 230,000 people, 30% of whom are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

The Diocese of the Northern Territory is seeking assistance for a number of important activities aimed at strengthening Aboriginal church leaders and building up healthy, flourishing, Aboriginal churches.

Funds given to this project are used by the Diocese of the Northern Territory for high priority Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mission activities, including the projects below: 

Territory Aboriginal Anglican Leaders Conference - Needs $36,700
The traditional church mechanisms for decision making in the Anglican Church are failing to provide Territory Anglican church leaders with a meaningful voice to discuss the issues that matter to them, or receive the support they desire to remain strong in ministry. While the importance of enabling and empowering Aboriginal voices in existing structures remains a priority, Aboriginal Anglican Leaders in the NT have asked for a gathering where they can talk together about issues of common concern to the different churches.

Men’s Music Initiative - Needs $3,500 
A pilot project in Gunbalanya to engage men and boys through music that is being led by older Aboriginal musicians who have been part of a gospel band and recorded a popular Christian album in their local language.

Territory Aboriginal Anglican Consultative Council/ Reference Group- Needs $8,000
Having listened to the call of Aboriginal people for a voice, through the Statement from the Heart, the Diocese would like to empower Aboriginal Anglicans to form a council or reference group. This group would meet several times each year. It is hoped that the group might be able to be a voice in Diocesan life on matters of relevance, such as strategic planning questions and on matters of their own initiative, as well as questions referred to it by Diocesan Council.
NB: The name and functions of this group are tentative, in that it would need to be negotiated and finalized by the inaugural members.

Church Breakfast Program - Needs $780
The project aims to provide a breakfast of milk and Weet-Bix on a Sunday morning before church to children who are hungry.

Academic Scholarships - Needs $5,000
To provide funding to enable Aboriginal Christian leaders to continue their theological training, even where life circumstances prevent them enrolling at the pace set by the government to be eligible for Commonwealth funding.

Kriol Preya Buk (Prayer Book for Kriol Speakers) - Needs $3,000
This project will support the printing costs of producing the Kriol Preya book for use in Kriol- speaking churches . It is hoped that every Kriol speaking church can be provided with a set for church use. The project will also provide a subsidy so that individuals can purchase the book for personal use at an affordable cost.

Church Strengthening Support -Needs $5,000 
The project is to partner with Aboriginal church leaders and support workers who live on Groote Eylandt, to enable them to travel fortnightly to support the young church at Bickerton Island.

Urban Aboriginal Family Event - Needs $635
An event, for the families of Aboriginal children in Malak and Karama who engage with the church through Religious Education in the local schools.

Pre-Synod Gathering - Needs $15,000
The Pre-synod conference is a gathering of the Aboriginal synod representatives, aimed at giving time, space and explanation to the agenda of synod with the aim of enabling meaningful participation.

Women’s Retreat / Bible Camp - Needs $800
A multi-generational women’s bible camp, where mothers and grandmothers can bring along their daughters and granddaughters to spend time together in worship, bible reading and enjoying God’s creation in a safe and fun environment.

Bible Camp for Men - Needs $800
A men’s retreat or bible camp over one weekend. There would be planned worship, bible studies and time for rest, talking and fishing.

» In 2020 the Diocese of the Northern Territory needs $79,215

Note: Some of these projects may also receive support through ABM’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mission Grants.



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