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Annual Reports


ABM Annual Report 2017-2018

It is with great pleasure that I present the Annual Report of the Anglican Board of Mission – Australia Ltd, for the Financial Year 2017/18. The report continues to reflect not only a continuing strong performance in key areas, but also change and transition, as ABM seeks to facilitate the Anglican Church’s participation in God’s mission. In respect of the past year’s operations I would like to highlight four key features.

Firstly, in respect of partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, ABM has continued to strengthen its engagement with the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council (NATSIAC). This not only honours our history and our commitment to Reconciliation, but also practically assists ABM in determining priorities in respect of activities to support. While leadership training and theological education, which is provided by Wontulp Bibuya and Nungalingya Colleges, remain a high priority, there is other highly commendable work which also deserves recognition. Consequently, it has been pleasing to see growth in support for this work throughout the past year.

Secondly, ABM’s refocusing of its Church to Church program around leadership training and theological education has been received positively, which is indicated by a significant increase in support for its projects in Papua New Guinea and Myanmar. These types of programs are critical for helping ABM’s partners develop capacity among clergy and laity in leadership and administration, and thus generate vision and management systems appropriate for the future.

Thirdly, this last year has been marked by continued strong support for ABM’s community development program, which includes responding to an ever increasing number of humanitarian emergencies. The Anglicans in Development (AID) program has taken up the challenge of diminishing government funding by exploring the potential of strategic nongovernment partnerships for growing both new programs and sources of funding. Partnership does not happen overnight but is only built over time, and in this regard
ABM has a strong track record. Over the next two years it is anticipated that two new programs built around an assets/strengths based approach will be launched.

Finally, an acknowledgement needs to be made of those who have or intend to leave gifts to ABM in their wills. ABM has benefitted from these gifts for many years and continues to acknowledge them in its In
Memoriam book, which may be accessed through the website. The preservation of these gifts ensures that funding is available not only for missional resources such as ABM’s Prayer Diary and Apps, but also for innovation as ABM seeks faithfully to respond to the call of God’s Spirit and in following Jesus, foster renewal and transformation.

I commend the report and continue to ask for your prayers and support of ABM’s work.

Yours in Christ,

The Rev John Deane
Executive Director


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