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ABM's Values, Policies and Commitments

As individuals and as an organisation we embrace the following values:

  • Faithfulness to God. We celebrate the capacity of every person to respond to God’s love. Holding a clear Christian commitment we respect the traditions and beliefs of other faiths.

  • Integrity in every aspect of our work. We pursue transparency and accountability in all matters.

  • Respect for the created order and human dignity. Our mission has its basis in God’s unconditional love made known in Christ. We acknowledge our responsibility to care for Creation. We respect the dignity and vulnerability of each person and seek to emulate God’s love in our relations with others.

  • Wise management of our resources. Recognising the fine balance between good stewardship and compassionate action we commit ourselves to practical, equitable and merciful outcomes.

  • Creativity and hard work. We believe that innovation and resourcefulness, combined with diligence, will have a powerful and positive impact on the struggle for justice.

  • Relational reciprocity. In our internal and external relationships we commit to genuine two-way engagement, shared learning, honesty and cultural sensitivity.

  • Caring for and serving others. Taking our inspiration from the example of Christ who modelled love and compassion for others.



ABM is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children. We support the rights of children and will act to ensure a child-safe environment is maintained in all our activities, both in Australian and overseas.

Child Protection Policy


ABM's POlicies

Complaints Procedure

ABM values your feedback, either negative or positive.  If you have a complaint about any aspect of our work, please view the Feedback and Complaints Handing Procedure.


Privacy Policy

We at ABM are committed to protecting your privacy. View ABM's Privacy Policy.


ABM Code of Conduct

ABM has a Code of Conduct that applies to all its staff, volunteers, and governance body members.
View ABM’s Code of Conduct here.


Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment Policy

Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment Policy


Non-Development Activity Policies

This policy is in place to ensure that funds provided to ABM for the purpose of development activities are used solely for those activities rather than for non-development activities which include evangelism, politics and welfare.

Development and Non-Development Activities Policy


Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy


Transparency Policy

Transparency Policy


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