Woven Together in God’s Mission

Mar 15, 2022

Woven together in God’s mission – An Easter Story

ABM’s partnerships run deep. We don’t just support project work of our partners, but we form relationships with them that go for decades (some have gone on for more than a century!).

Take our partnership with the Episcopal Church in the Philippines. We’ve been working with both the church and its community outreach arm, (now called E-CARE), for over 20 years.

It was through the church that we learned about the Easter Weaving Room. The Easter School was part of early Episcopal (Anglican) mission work in the Cordillera region of the Philippines. Weaving was introduced to the school curriculum in 1908 to preserve an important part of Indigenous Igarot culture. Priests’ stoles have been woven here ever since that time.

Easter Weaving Room (EWR) is now an outreach of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines.

ABM has supported this outreach over many years by purchasing items, notably clergy stoles, purses and bags.

For a number of years now, ABM has made stoles available for presentation to new ordinands at or soon after their ordination as deacon or priest. The stoles can help remind Australian clergy that as Anglicans they are part of a broad international church of brothers and sisters sharing in God’s mission.

Easter Weaving Room stocks a large range of products in addition to the stoles – priests’ vestments, bedding, rugs, traditional costumes, contemporary clothing, table linen, wall hangings, bags and fabrics.

They can best be contacted via their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/philippineeasterweaving/ or by email at: info@easterweaving.com