ABM Coaldrake Awards – recognising service across the nation

Jan 27, 2023

In ABM’s almost 175-year history, missionaries and volunteers have been at the heart of our work and the ABM Coaldrake Award seeks to recognise this service.

In the last few months of 2022, Coaldrake awards were presented to former missionaries and members of the ABM Auxiliary across four dioceses.

In Adelaide, the Rev’d Dr John Deane presented Mary Catford her Coaldrake Award in recognition of her services to God’s mission through the ABM Auxiliary.

Another three ABM Auxiliary members in Bendigo Diocese, Rodger and Sue O’Hara and Ian Smith, were also recognised for their contribution, when the Rev Ian Howarth, ABM Diocesan Representative in Bendigo Diocese, presented them with their awards.

In Western Australia, Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy presented a Coaldrake Award during the Perth Synod to the Rev’d Jack Thompson for his services to ABM in a number of capacities. In Bunbury Diocese, Bishop Ian Coutts presented Coalrake Awards to the Rev’d Ann and Ray Frost for their missionary service in Papua New Guinea.

A second special presentation occurred in Adelaide in December, when the Coaldrake Award for the late Sr Patience Durdin was presented to her twin sister, Joan Durdin, who is herself a Coaldrake Award recipient. Both sisters received their awards for their missionary service in Papua New Guinea.

As we look back on almost 175 years of history, ABM gives thanks to God for the missionaries and volunteers who have served overseas and in Australia, as clergy and lay workers, as fundraisers and as members on committees: their legacy lives on today in the work of ABM and AID.