Myanmar Grandmother passionate about Gender Equality

May 16, 2023

Once in a while, we can learn something that completely turns our lives around. Myanmar mother of three and grandmother of two, Daw Ruth May Sein Win, recently made the decision to bring life-changing gender awareness to her family and community. The 65-year-old made the decision after attending a gender equality training run by AID’s partner, the Church of the Province of Myanmar (CPM).

This is Daw Ruth’s story:

I was sixty-five years old when I attended the Gender Equality Training. Immediately I felt so sorry for my life because I have discriminated among my three children in their education.  I didn’t know anything about gender in my life before.  So, I didn’t allow my elder daughter to finish her basic education.   When she passed the primary school, she left school and she worked by raising animals at home, went to the farm every day, and looked after her sister and brother. Now she is a spinster and looking after her parents, me and my husband. 

After the training, I learned that the belief that women do not need to learn is very wrong. Unfortunately, I couldn’t correct my actions for my elder daughter, but I can tell the families of my younger daughter and son – as well as my community – that this belief is wrong.  From the gender training, I understood Gender Equality and Gender Based Violence and I want to share it with my community. Everybody must know about gender because it is beneficial for our daily lives as well as education.  If I cannot give training on gender equality, I can advise my grandchildren.  I have a granddaughter and a grandson.  I can protect my granddaughter from gender discrimination and from people disrespecting her human rights. I will build a family which is fully aware of gender equality.  Then my community will eventually change their mindset.

Thanks to the trainer, Sayar Raymond Si Thu Aung, and the Church Development Department, and ABM AID!