AID’s Integrated WASH Project Improves Health in Northern Vanuatu

Dec 1, 2022

AID recently received a video showing some of the achievements of our Integrated WASH projects in Vanuatu. The video shows interviews with Gracetella Smith, the Coordinator of the project for the Anglican Diocese of Banks and Torres in Vanuatu’s north, and two village chiefs – Assi Mark and Patrick Mark.

AID’s partner, ACOM Vanuatu, have been very active in the diocese over many years, bringing water and sanitation, as well as opportunities in literacy and numeracy, to many villages in the northern islands. In recent years, the project has had a particular emphasis on providing toilets and access to clean water to elderly and people with disabilities.

Both village chiefs interviewed for the video comment on how the advent of clean water has meant that people no longer get sick from drinking water, and women and children no longer have to walk long distances to collect water.

Thanks to ACOM Vanuatu, to Gracetella, the WASH volunteers, and to all the community members who have helped to make clean water and sanitation a reality in so many villages of Banks and Torres.

And thanks to all who donate to ABM’s AID so that this life-saving work may continue to be funded.

AID is also pleased to receive funding for this project from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

You can watch the video here: