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Myanmar (Burma) Flood

Mon 03, Aug 2015


Donate Now to Myanmar Flood Emergency Appeal18th September 2015

Earlier this week, CPM advised that parishes in Kyaungdawlay, Tawchaung, were flooded again for the fourth time this year. The floor of the church and church compound in Kyaungdawlay were flooded and other delta towns were also reportedly flooded at the time of reporting.

One of their staff members visiting her parents in Taw Kyaung on Friday said, "The water under the bamboo house near my house is rushing so quickly, I fear that land may collapse under houses in Kyaungdawlay (as) eight years ago."

The CPM Relief Committee were meeting to discuss response matters.

View a report from IRIN News: Flooding in Myanmar's Irrawaddy Delta.

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View photographs of the floods and the ongoing relief work of CPM and others. 


A list of external news reports may be found here. Read more.


3rd August 2015

Myanmar has been hit by one of the worst floods in living memory. At least 27 people have been killed as flood water engulfed four regions in the west of the country. They have now been declared disaster zones. 

The situation was made worse by Cyclone Komen that hit the regions late last week.

ABM is in communication with our Partner brothers and sisters in the Church of the Province of Myanmar (CPM).  At the time of writing, the Church is currently meeting in an emergency session to decide the best course of action.

ABM has a long history of successfully working in Partnership with CPM.  Our first official agreement was set up in 1992 through which our strong bond has continued to flourish.

All donations will be forwarded to CPM as they help rebuild the many communities affected by this disaster.

ABM is aiming to raise $50,000 from this appeal.

As more news comes in from our Partner, we will keep this page updated.  In the meantime, you can find out more below.

ABM Appeal Flyers for Parishes and Individuals




  • Send a cheque/money order made out to the Anglican Board of Mission to:
    Anglican Board of Mission – Australia
    Locked Bag Q4005
    Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

(Please don’t forget to write down the Code MM003EX and/or the campaign name Myanmar Flood Emergency Appeal and include it with your donation.)

  • Alternatively, you can phone 1300 302663, Sydney 02 9264 1021 or email us at
  • Any funds raised in excess of the amount needed will be directed to ABM's Global Emergency Rapid Response Fund or ABM’s Global Disaster Risk Reduction Fund.
  • ABM advises that there are administrative expenses for receiving and receipting donations for its international appeals. Final costs can only be totalled after the appeal has concluded. However, in previous emergency appeals, ABM contained administrative costs to 10% or less of total funds received.

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