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Wed 04, Aug 2021


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Strengthening Communities Through Education

Each year the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea provides literacy and numeracy education to more than 3,000 women and men in 66 Literacy Schools around the country.  Now, in an exciting new move, the church also wants to establish early childhood schools, catering to children aged 3-5.

The plan is for these early childhood schools to be located in rural and remote areas, often attached to parishes.  It is hoped that providing many more young children with access to these schools, the number of rural children enrolling in and completing their primary education will increase, eventually reducing the need for adult literacy schools.

But we need more funds.

Anosa Imase attended Anglicare’s Adult Literacy School in Port Moresby and, through a flexible learning program, he has almost completed his final year of secondary school. His dream of attending Teachers’ College is within reach.

“My goal is to become a teacher.” Anosa was talking about his big dream which each year is getting closer to being achieved, thanks to his own tenacity and Anglicare PNG’s Adult Literacy program. Anosa, in his late 30s, did some primary school education, but never went to secondary school because of the remoteness of his village in Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Highlands. 

But in future, the Church hopes there will be fewer adults like Anosa who will need to wait until adulthood to complete their school education.  

Although funds raised from this year’s Martyrs Appeal will continue to support teachers in the Adult Literacy program, they will also go towards the Church’s planning for the establishment of the new early childhood schools in rural communities. 

Your donation to our 2021 Martyrs Appeal can help more women and men like Anosa to achieve their dreams. It will also help children in rural areas to get a better educational start in life.

Some of these will eventually become teachers themselves, continuing in the spirit of service of the teaching missionaries and Martyrs.

We hope you will help us to strengthen Papua New Guinean communities through education.

Please support this appeal. Together we can reach our goal of $100,000 in 2021.

Donate Now to the 2021 Appeal




Honouring the New Guinea Martyrs and Teaching Missionaries

This year marks 130 years since the first Australian Anglican missionaries arrived in Papua New Guinea, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in both word and practical human service.
The teaching ministries of many of these missionaries, for example, has left a profound legacy. A legacy that has strengthened communities through education. This legacy lives on in the education work of the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea today.

Four of the New Guinea Martyrs whom we celebrate at this time were teachers: Queenslander Mavis Parkinson was in charge of the school at Gona. South Australian Lilla Lashmar taught at Gona, Dogura and then Sangara Mission Station. Lucian Tapiedi was another teacher at Sangara. Leslie Gariadi also trained as a teacher/evangelist.

Service and courage are characteristics that defined the martyrs and the teaching missionaries. These qualities also define the modern-day teachers in the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea’s Adult Literacy Program (currently implemented by Anglicare PNG).

Service, courage and innovation also describe the Church’s plans to address the challenges of literacy for the youngest, as well as for adult Papua New Guineans.

In addition to the four martyred teachers, we also honour martyred nurses: May Hayman (Gona) and Margery Brenchley (Sangara); four martyred priests: Henry Matthews (Port Moresby); Henry Holland (Sangara); Vivien Redlich (Sangara) and Bernard Moore (Urin and Ilak in New Britain); and missionaries John Duffil (Sefoa) and John Barge (Apugi in New Britain).

Most were in their 20s.

New Guinea Martyrs Day is observed in the Anglican calendar worldwide on 2 September.


Donations to this appeal are tax deductible.

Online: You can make an online donation to the 2021 MARTYRS APPEAL by clicking on the DONATE NOW button above.

Mail: you can enclose a cheque/money order (made out to the Anglican Board of Mission - Australia. Please include the campaign name 2021 MARTYRS APPEAL with your donation) and send it to:

Anglican Board of Mission – Australia
Locked Bag Q4005
Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

Telephone: Sydney 02 9264 1021, Local Call 1300 302 663

Gifts/donations to ABM will be applied to the support of project selected. In the unlikely event of this emergency response project being oversubscribed or not proceeding to completion, donations will be directed to ABM's Global Emergency Rapid Response Fund or ABM’s Global Disaster Risk Reduction Fund. These funds are similar in that they enable ABM to provide timely relief during an emergency, and help ABM’s partners to be better able to respond to disasters when they occur.


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