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Wed 22 Sep 2021


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AID has received an update on the Myanmar COVID-19 emergency response from its partner, the Church of the Province of Myanmar (CPM).

Though many of its own staff were afflicted by COVID, CPM continued reaching out to help those in need. In fact, the head of the church’s development desk, “Uncle” Peter U San Lin, recently died from the virus, as have several other church leaders.

Thankfully, the death toll is now going down. But the pandemic is still wreaking havoc. Most people who contract the virus ideally need hospital care. However, it’s a very lengthy and complex process to access public hospitals in emergencies. Even those lucky enough to get through the red tape, often still need to wait for a bed to become available.

Many who become sick panic because of the lack of clear information, and self-medication is common. However, medicines and oxygen are in short supply, with even paracetamol being difficult to obtain.

People are forced to wait many hours in close proximity to each other in long queues, which exacerbates spread of infection.

CPM formed its COVID-19 Response Team Myanmar (CCRM) in July 2021. This team is addressing the ongoing pandemic issues with a three-pronged response, providing: information about the illness and how to treat it via a 24-hour hotline and social media; tele-health consultations with church volunteer doctors and health professionals; and home care and other assistance by volunteers as directed by the doctors on the team.

The COVID Response Team hopes to reach over 5000 people during a response which has been extended until March 2022.

AID has already sent $20,000 to Myanmar, partly from our COVID-19 Response fund and we have raised $20,000 through this appeal to date. We will be sending more urgent funds to Myanmar this week. A further $30,000 is needed for the extended response into March 2022. The first $10,000 was spent on oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators, as well as COVID-19 testing kits and cleaning materials.

Teams of volunteers have been distributing and replenishing oxygen cylinders to those COVID-19 sufferers most in need, with more than 120 litres distributed to date. These same volunteers have also been supporting bereaved families by assisting with the removal of loved ones who have passed away. Funds have also been used to support urgent food relief for people internally displaced by ongoing challenges in Myanmar.

Thanks to all those who have donated to this appeal so far. We urge you to continue to support the Church in its efforts to provide life-saving humanitarian relief at this time of great need.

And please remember Myanmar in your prayers.

AID aims to raise $50,000 for this updated appeal.

We crave your mercy, Lord,
on all who are sick or hungry in Myanmar,
remembering especially our sisters and brothers
on the staff of the Church of the Province of Myanmar,
some of whom who have contracted Covid-19,
and others who do not have enough to eat.
Your Son came to bring fullness of life to all,
so we pray for lungs filled with oxygen,
and bellies filled with food,
so that the people's suffering may be relieved.
This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord
who with you and the Holy Spirit
lives and reigns for ever and ever.

Three of the oxygen cylinders purchased with initial ABM funds from this appeal. © Church of the Province of Myanmar. Used with permission.Three of the oxygen cylinders purchased with initial funds from this appeal.
© Church of the Province of Myanmar. Used with permission.


Donate Now to the 2018 Tax Appeal




Donations to this appeal are tax deductible.

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